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The Car Salesman's Game Nashua NH

Do you know how to deal with car salesmen to make the best of the car buying deal? Read the following article to discover the truth about the car salesman's game and how you can beat it.

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The Car Salesman's Game

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Q & A:
The Car Salesman's Game

A candid conversation with former car salesman Michael Royce .

Why are car salesmen sometimes so difficult to deal with?

MICHAEL: It's because of the game they're required to play. When you walk into the dealership to shop for a car or truck, you want help and information. But the car salesman's game is not entirely about giving you help and information. It's also about getting you to drive home in a car or truck today. So because he's dedicated to playing that game, the car salesman can sometimes seem difficult to deal with.

Why do car salesmen put so much pressure on the customers to buy today?

MICHAEL: They figure that if they can get you to buy today, before you're really ready, then that means you're buying because you're hooked emotionally, that you're not thinking logically. The plain fact is that emotional buyers are less effective at negotiating and therefore end up paying more for their cars or trucks than analytical buyers. Obviously, that's what the car salesman wants.

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