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Endometriosis Nashua NH

Affecting pregnancy, Endometriosis is a health problem that affects some 5% of women of the childbearing age. This article provides a list of symptoms and treatment suggestions, which include, birth control pills, laser surgery, pregnancy and having a baby.

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Endometriosis is an abnormal growth of the endometrium (what normally grows every month inside the uterus, known as the uterine lining) on the outside of the uterus - in places such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries and mostly contained in the pelvic cavity. A woman can have no symptoms with endometriosis, or the symptoms can range from minor to sharp pain; especially during menstruation and intercourse. Endometriosis causes unusually long bleeding periods.

Percentage Affected

According to and the book Endometriosis The 90's Outlook, by Ari Babaknia, M.D., endometriosis affects some 5% of the females of childbearing age. And, of the women who suffer from severe menstrual cramps, 25-35% are diagnosed with endometriosis. Studies have shown that endometriosis seems to have a genetic trait, and runs in families.


The symptoms of endometriosis vary. One case of severe endometriosis may not show any symptoms while a mild case may yield severe symptoms. The most common symptoms are pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, painful urination, unusually heavy menstrual bleeding, bleeding prior to menstruation, and infertility.


Endometriosis is initially diagnosed through an ultrasound of the pelvic region. The next step is laparoscopy. If the disease is present, further testing through a 2nd laparoscopy can be done.


Endometriosis is diagnosed in stages, with stage one being minimal and stage 4 being severe.


Endometriosis causes infertility by affecting ovulation, and causing a luteal phase defect.


Endometriosis responds well to ovulation suppression. Treatments include birth control pills, and medications which suppress ovulation, such as Danazol and Lupron. Laser treatments can be used when endometriosis is first diagnosed, especially if pregnancy is desired. Lastly, and most ironic, pregnancy is one of the best treatments for stopping endometriosis.

Pregnancy Achievement and Endo

The best treatment to achieve pregnancy while suffering from endometriosis is laser surgery. Usually, a pregnancy will occur within the first 12 months of the treatment. However, if the disease is advanced, the use of IVF and GIFT can be done, with a 25 to 30% pregnancy rate, according to and the book Endometriosis The 90's Outlook by Ari Babaknia, M.D.

Author: Lori Ramsey

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